Consumers are more connected, more informed and are demanding more from the companies they choose to form relationships with. The role of marketing is greatly disrupted by technology and digitization. Are you ready?
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As your extended marketing arm, our capabilities, efficient processes, and supportive technology will enable you to cost-effectively exploit and scale your customer interactivity, driving higher quality outcome and bottom-line results. That is why we carved out a niche consulting-led digital centric, technology-driven marketing services firm – Ingress Marketing, to offer outsourced creative strategy and design solutions.


AforBusiness focuses on providing full-service digital marketing solutions with creativity and data at the core. We bring together the power of marketing and technology, in order to personalize and engage with customers and humanize the brand.


Marketing is not about creativity and ideas alone, it is driven by technology, innovation and measurability. We bring ideas to life with people skills and technology, providing end-to-end marketing solutions that drive your brand communication.

Marketing App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Incorporating an app strategy into marketing works at multiple levels. Not only do you have direct access to customers, apps shorten the decision cycle and eases the buying process. Apps also help you drive targeted promotions and enables customer data mining.

A4B assists in the development of Mobile Application development in the latest app technology for both Android and iOS. Our agile methodology and quick-to-build clickable prototypes accelerate the process towards building a hyper-customized, ready-to-deploy mobile app for any need.

APP Integration Services

Enhance the functionality and efficiency of marketing processes through rapid information exchange between various marketing systems. A4B provides Application Integration Services that can connect various marketing applications, existing and new, to form one unified centralised system.

Manage marketing information more holistically. Experience higher efficiency and faster time-to-market from the rapid information exchange between various systems. Together with you A4B can build an agile marketing function that is result-oriented and hyper-responsive.

App Integration Services
Dynamic Video Marketing Services


Maintaining deep connections and loyalty with customers is a necessity for any business. Selfanimate GoCampaign is our dynamic video personalization platform that empowers you to hyper-personalize videos not just at an individual level but it allows you to create thousands of unique and compelling videos in one go by putting customer data to work.

Keep your message fresh and create a memorable and unique experience for your audience. Drive more revenue and increase customer loyalty and conversions with Selfanimate GoCampaign --the most affordable dynamic video personalisation platform.


The Internet of Things (IoT) beyond the industrial usage, fits well into marketing as it has the potential to influence users and generate positive emotional reaction. With smart devices and connected data, the product becomes a sensor that is able to market itself digitally, long after the sale.

We’re at the beginning of an IoT revolution in Marketing. You now have the option to deliver immersive product demonstrations and even remote experiences by deploying Marketing IoT Solutions. A4B, with its expertise in IoT, can provide highly contextual and tailored messages on digital signage in stores that can create WOW moments.

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We have the ability to integrate technology prowess with marketing ideas and bridge the digital with the physical.

Marketing IoT Solutions

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