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Marketing IoT Solutions

Deliver unique and personalized brand experiences based on customer interactivity, data and analytics.

Marketing IoT Services


Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the world as we know it. More and more devices are getting connected and communicating with each other via the internet. In fact, 51% of top global marketers believe that IoT will completely change the marketing landscape by 2022.

Naturally, it’s an exciting time to be in the digital marketing space. Hyper-connected devices, seamless exchange of customer data, predicting consumer needs and continuously engaging the customer throughout their journey are the new mandates of marketing.

A4B can help you unearth the unprecedented potential locked in IoT for your business.

Unlocking value from machines

Just as the World Wide Web ushered the age of data and its extensive use in all spheres of life, so would IoT to create an even more data-centric and data-reliant world. This is likely to affect the marketing arena the most. IoT enabled products generate a huge amount of data on a regular basis, which is promising for digital marketers, but comes with challenges like understanding big data, finding trends and handling information on a massive scale.

So how can businesses make sure that the precious data that IoT gives them access to is utilized efficiently? How can they evaluate the consistency of messages across multiple touchpoints, measure marketing effectiveness in an integrated IoT communications system or design and develop an overall better customer experience?

A4B ensures that your business stays ahead of the game. Our expertise in digital marketing and specialization in IoT helps you unlock the great value that was till now hidden in machines.

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Growth through communication

IoT is a network of things that interact with the consumers and among themselves. This creates a web of information which is key for marketers to display the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

With a smart and friendly interaction, and by capturing and analyzing behavioral data, businesses can now deploy relevant messages in a timely manner. Integrated IoT systems can significantly boost your brand’s growth by facilitating better communication channels and opportunities with customers to increase brand attachment, warmth and competence.

A4B can help you improve perceptions of your brand in existing and prospective customers. The hyper-connectivity that IoT provides opens entirely new marketing and sales funnels, customer relationships, up-selling avenues and touchpoints.

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