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App Integration Services

Overcome complicated software integration challenges between existing applications and new marketing systems.

App Integration Services in Chennai

Integration Services

From email marketing tools to CRM systems, your customer data is everywhere. Whether you are a fully established company or a start-up, to achieve maximum efficiency and unlock the true potential of your business, data needs to flow seamlessly throughout these marketing platforms and between your teams.

So how do you create an integrated, omnichannel consumer data foundation across all your marketing tools and platforms?

A4B ensures that this is done in the most economical way possible to boost business upwards. Our software integration experts are on hand to handle your integration obstacles, from architecture and design to testing and execution.


Our team of experts is proficient in understanding marketing scenarios and in building integrated systems of data-sharing and streamlining of information. No more glitches and mishandling of campaign data, no more dropping prospect data from your follow-ups, no more leaky sales funnels, and no more excuses!

Give your teams the full benefits of marketing integration and automation and empower them to become your engines of success. With A4B’s integration services, you can:

  • Get an enhanced and complete overview of your customers
  • See exactly where the data is coming from and going to across marketing tools
  • Nurture your leads and develop superior customer relationships
  • Take advantage of rich information to launch targeted marketing campaigns
  • Reap better ROI on existing and future campaigns
  • Organize your workflow into one smooth process
  • Get rid of the hassle of tackling various software for one piece of information
  • Easily combine new systems into the existing centralized unit
  • Roll out new services and products in record time
  • And much more!
Marketing Technology Services


We integrate your systems with or between apps such as Marketo, Zoho, Hubspot, SFDC Pardot and MS Dynamics. These specialized tools help you reach customers, capture leads, drive operations, analyze key shifts in customer preferences, and generate sales.

You might be using some or all of these apps already. What A4B does is make them even more useful to you by turning them into agile integrated marketing systems that communicate with each other for better decision making.

A4B can ensure your business and IT functions collaborate seamlessly to integrate new applications with existing systems and keep your business moving in the right direction.

We work for YOU

We take care of your specific needs by conducting evaluations of your systems and determining the best solution for your business.

We understand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all service, and that’s why our integration is personalized.

A4B creates a highly-responsive core data-management system especially for you, that delivers the scalability and flexibility your business needs to keep growing.

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