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Offload Commoditized Tasks and Improve Business Margins

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We are Your Agency Extension

Ingress Marketing provides the reassurance and confidence for Marketing and Advertising agencies to be efficient and cost effective. Coupled with our affordable fee structure and retainer model, our capabilities in technology, content and design allow agencies to move mundane or commoditized work out of their roster. And this helps them achieve higher margins and utilize the much-needed bandwidth for more strategic work.

We offer a win-win partnership model while maintaining a transparent style of working where quality, timelines and costs associated with each task are discussed and agreed upfront.

We implement project management tools to keep track of assignments and progress of work, and ensure clear communication lines are established at all times.

Such agility enables agencies to readily go after more business. They have the advantage to pursue new business across traditional and digital marketing lines, even if in-house capabilities are limited or exhausted.

Talk to us about those bothersome deliverables that you can’t ignore but deliver. Remember, we are your agency extension and we’re ready to help!

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