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Narrate Your Stories the Video Way

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Enhance Perception and Retention using Video Marketing

Video marketing is a refreshing addition to your marketing toolkit, catering effectively to today’s digital marketplace. Tap into innovative and fresh ways to win the limited attention of your audience with impactful product or brand videos.

Be it a simple video post for social media or a thematic corporate video, Ingress with our established video studio, can help you all the way from concept development, storyboarding, script writing to editing and post production.

Here are some creative ways of using our video marketing services:

Promo videos

Highly compelling messages that are used during promotion, sale, or contests to heighten interest with your target audience.

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Sneak peak videos

A format that discloses just about enough information to create curiosity in the audience who want to know more.

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Product videos

Highlights detailed product features and advantages to help buyers make informed decisions during the purchase process.

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Social Media videos

Targeted at the YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users to promote your brand or service.

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Corporate videos

A consistent and effective way to share company credentials that creates a lasting impression on the audience

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Internal videos

Videos that work well within an organization to share company updates, corporate philosophies, announcements.

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Recruitment videos

Videos highlighting the company culture and policies, to help in attracting and retaining talent.

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Testimonial videos

Client endorsements about the company or service which is considered to be the most effective form of advertising and brand building.

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These videos capture the company’s contribution to the community and highlights the employee welfare measures. This is a powerful tool to establish your social credibility.

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Posting videos regularly to your company blog page helps in a big way to stay engaged with your audience.

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Irrespective of the vertical or audience segment, videos continue to attract consumers without making any demands on them. Here are some of the benefits of using our video marketing services:


Brand Awareness

Increases brand visibility


Social Engagement

Sharing videos on social platforms improves closer customer connect


Brand Trust

The trust in your brand increases with the human element in your videos


Organic Ranking

Helps in getting the much-needed ranking


Mobile Optimization

Mobile friendly videos increases reach



Prospect to lead to buyer becomes possible

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