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Marketing Done Right

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Marketing Done Right

Traditional marketing may have lost its sheen due to the dominance of digital but it still holds relevance for brands looking to augment their marketing mix because of its longevity. Print ads in newspapers or magazines, posters and PoS counters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards and brochures can be effectively used to push the brand message.

Most marketers recognize how traditional marketing techniques still hold value and relevance, especially when combined with online strategies and new-age technologies like IoT.

Marketing Strategy

Here are few marketing initiatives that you can consider outsourcing to Ingress right away.

  • Market research

    We can undertake custom market research and analysis for you which can be localised for a region or target audience. We will work with you to design the research, define research parameters, and extract insights about your customers, their behaviour patterns and preferences
  • Competitive positioning

    It’s always good to know your market position and why you are seen different. We undertake competitive analysis for brands to distinguish itself in a competitive landscape and help them define new strategies
  • Go-to-Market

    As a subset of the overall marketing plan, we work closely with brands to define their market penetration or market development strategies. Our experts will work alongside you to build out full year marketing plans that can be used for tracking performance
  • Marketing RoI

    Marketing is an investment and all investments should be accountable and results measurable. Assess the return accrued from a specific marketing program or the organizations’ overall marketing mix using our tested processes.
Brand Identity

Your logo, taglines, website, collaterals speak volumes about your organization and the reputation it has in the marketplace. Customers are increasingly judging you by the way you look online even before they browse your product or services catalogue. And that’s where we add value. From devising your brand identity to carrying it forward to all branding touch points, we help you talk to the world – graphically. We will work with you to develop, design and produce brand assets and collaterals including:

  • Company logo
  • Corporate identity
    (color palette, typeface, and logo formats)
  • Corporate stationery
    (business cards, letter head, envelope, folders)
  • Marketing collateral
    (sell sheets, case studies, email templates)
  • Advertising
    print and digital Ads
  • Events management
    onsite branding
Print Press

Engage a printing partner who can give life to all your well-made and beautifully designed marketing artefacts. And this last mile GTM task can become a nightmare if not handled well. Our print capabilities include:

  • Folders & Brochures
  • Banners
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Booth designs
  • Textile printing

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